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    GUILD PACKAGE for new guilds



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    GUILD PACKAGE for new guilds

    Post  paulo19 on Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:26 am

    cuz xerex is new i like to suggest guild package
    M = number of members
    x = Times
    ÷ = Divide

    Guild Packages:
    1 ÷ 7M - 300% Bubble Gum
    1 x 1M - Enriched Elumnium Box(5)
    1 x 1M - Enriched Oridicon Box(5)
    1 ÷ 5M - Diablos or Valkyrie Set

    Card: elemental cards 1pcs for each member of the guild

    i hope guild package will be approve

    by: jopz
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